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About You


g2's consultants offer expert advice on every aspect of recruitment services - from direct advertising to specialist headhunting, and everything in between. Our consultants provide guidance and information to ensure that the right solution and the best candidates are found in the most efficient manner.


We provide you with opportunities as soon as we are aware of suitable matches in skills, timeframes and abilities. As part of our exemplary service we provide a weekly payment service backed by one of the largest financial institutions in the Europe.

Contract placement

Think of our contract fulfilment as matchmaking with extras. We're set up so you can work as closely as you need to on a day-to-day basis. When a one-off crops up or things go pear-shaped, we're geared up to give an exceptionally speedy turnaround with contractors on site in 24 hours. We keep contractors content with nice touches like weekly pay, and make sure clients are happy too, with strategies like no placement, no fee.

Permanent placement

We're determined, dig in and do everything possible when an opening is placed in our hands. We use the best tools to know our industry and yours inside and out, and get to know all about the best people on the market today to suit your business needs. g2 clients have everything to gain and nothing to lose; not paying a fee until we're successful in finding the face that fits.