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Recruitment Challenges in Embedded Software

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Recruitment Challenges in Embedded Software

Did you know that approximately 98% of all microprocessors manufactured today are used in embedded systems across the electronics industry?

The need for embedded engineers has grown tremendously over the past 5 years, with embedded technology being required in a myriad of different industries, such as life-saving medical devices like CTs and MRIs, across the Transport industry as part of state-of-the-art technology, within sophisticated robotics and so much more.

With a huge increase in demand for these products, similarly, there has been an equivalent surge for the best embedded technology talent to conceptualise, code, design, construct, install and maintain these products for use in various industries across the world.

With this rise in demand for talent, competition has increased in this already candidate-short market; and with it, various challenges in recruiting for businesses worldwide.

Keep reading to explore the three main difficulties your business may experience and how we can help you find the solution.

Demand Exhausting Supply

There is already a worldwide deficit of forty million Software Engineers, making it extremely difficult to not only fill your vacancies, but more importantly, to attract the best talent to fulfil your project needs to the highest possible standard.

To make this global deficit even worse, there are not enough graduates globally to keep up with the increasing need for qualified individuals that will be capable of fulfilling tasks to the highest standard.

How can g2 help with this issue? g2 has a world-renowned, industry-leading database of pre-qualified, exceptional candidates based all over the UK and Europe. Not only do we have candidates ready, but our teams are highly-specialised at headhunting to find the best candidates who hadn’t currently thought about making a move.

We have spent years cultivating relationships with the best talent on the market, so when you’re ready to fill your current vacancy, our team of expert recruiters are able to not only give you access to the best talent on the market, but we’re able to negotiate on your behalf and organise everything so all you have to do is show up.

Growth of ‘Big Tech’

The large technology companies dominating the industry such as Google, Meta, and Uber are also dominating the talent market, hoovering up the best candidates with crazy salaries and the draw of working for a huge brand.

This has disastrous ramifications on the SMEs that have a critical need for the same candidates.

How can g2 support your business in competing with these major companies? When a promising applicant works with one of our consultants, we’ll provide them with a humanised candidate journey instead of a clumsy automated process that businesses like Google, Meta and Uber offer.

We’ll have the chance to fully explain your business purpose and take the time to ensure that the candidate is aligned with your core values, and therefore provide reason for them to want to work for your business over any other.

By providing this exceptional experience, we are able to reduce the importance of salary and other factors, giving you the best chance to secure the optimum talent on the market.

The Changing Talent Pool

The newest generation entering the workforce really understands its value better than any other before. Just one example of this is ‘the Great Resignation; where people across industries and throughout the world left their current role with the confidence that a better one would be available when they needed it. Also to consider the huge shift towards remote and hybrid-working post pandemic; this generation of staff have never been in a better place to negotiate everything they want out of a contract.

How can we at g2 cater to these high demands to ensure that your business doesn’t lose out?

We’ll contact the best candidates for your vacancy to ensure they are actually serious about the position you are advertising. We will then only send over three CVs so that we save your time interviewing countless people that either aren’t a great fit, or drop out by the time you get through the entire interview process.

By ensuring the candidate is serious about the position and reducing the options available to your business to only the very best, the candidate experience will be shortened and therefore minimise the risk of them dropping out and wasting your time.


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