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Building a highly productive team for a global engineering firm, based around core cultural values.

With a multi-million pound contract at stake and a project suffering delays due to high staff turn over, g2 steered our client towards a solution that focused on the correct balance of skill and character.

The Recruitment Challenge

The project manager we spoke with was already working with two other agencies, but struggling to find the candidates with the right mentality and work ethic to achieve the deadlines they had promised to their client. Coming from a forces background, he was frustrated to see skilled engineers come and go because of divisions in the group and knew that to get back on track, he would need to move past this. The difficult task of attracting the right mixture of the correct technical skills and like minded individuals would be crucial in getting the team to cooperate and become productive, but also help him retain these hard to find individuals.

The g2 Solution

After an in depth conversation and a meeting on site, it was decided that a carefully tailored
approach was needed to support such a challenging brief. An unconventional approach was taken by our g2, starting by finding engineers with the correct skills, but also came from the forces seemed like a logical fix. This required exhaustive searching of our database, but then effective networking and head hunting candidates that were coming to the end of their contracts to find similar individuals. Such was the dedication to this plan, that g2 even went as far as getting posters in RAF canteens to reach candidates that may have otherwise been unreachable. Through effectively assessing the skills and character of the candidates, it was possible to confidently shortlist fully committed interviewees that would immediately bond with the team around them. To further ensure that any successful candidates would stay the distance of the contract, all were sourced within 50 miles of the site and some were even from the same regiment as their new manager.

The Result

After an intense spell of recruitment, a team of 15 engineers were formed to deliver the LU contract. By with working with g2 to get to the heart of the problem, the team worked together excellently, displaying the camaraderie you would expect from people so well culturally aligned. The progress was such that our client secured the contract for the next 20 years. Of the back of this level of service, our contact became a strong advocate for the value that g2 offer and referred us on to other areas of the business. This kind of client relationship is not only testament to the individual consultant, but also the fundamentals of g2’s business model. Every consultant that is hired into g2, typically a university graduate, must go through a rigorous recruitment process where excellent social and emotional intelligence must be clearly displayed to ensure they fit out own culture. Without maintaining our own high standards, we would not be able to offer our clients such a personal service and innovative solutions.

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