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g2 Collab

With the line between consultancy and recruitment services becoming more blurred and a constant flow of new SaaS, PaaS or even XaaS solutions on offer, it can be difficult to decide how you are going to deliver a project. This uncertainty and the age-old task of balancing Time, Quality and Cost, it was what the main drivers behind g2 Collab and g2 Remote had to be.

If you want to deliver a project at low cost, with maximum control and with a team of sector or discipline experts, then g2 Collab could well be the solution you are looking for.

Do you need niche skills, but not a methodology or specific application? Want to empower your staff and maintain effective knowledge capture? Want to access a diverse range of experts but wrap it in a Statement of Work to appease Procurement? g2 Collab is the answer.


Case Study : TATA

Due to the considerable difference in cost, TATA could not see enough extra value in the Wood Group proposal. The ability to directly manage the consultants throughout and keep them accountable to their deliverables on a daily basis was also a major factor. There are only a few inspectors with the correct experience of working on steel plants, so the likelihood of them working for the consultancy is very slim, meaning Wood Group would have had to hire contractors themselves and this cost would be passed on to TATA before adding their own profit margins. The end result allowed TATA to select a team that provided a mixture of consultants with highly specialised experience that complemented each other’s skills, some of whom had previously worked together on long term contracts. The project was completed over an extended period of time, which would have been even more costly had they used a consultancy.


g2 Remote

With the majority of placements done by g2 being interim or freelance technical specialists, we have built up a huge network of highly skilled workers that are used to either working independently. Whether that is from their own home office or for multiple clients at the same time across different sites, they are used to being flexible. Even prior to the pandemic, our clients were benefitting from the speed of access to international remote resource, but with offices closing it really came into its own.


For example, due to our extensive coverage of the UK, US and Western Europe, one of our consultants in London can call our Amsterdam office to see if they know of any Python Software Developers that are fluent in Dutch for a client in Brussels. This rapid internal communication culture, twinned with our global database allows immediate access to niche skilled individuals that can start working remotely within 24 hours.


Case Study : Sibelga

With a tight deadline and a need for close control, Sibelga opted to go with a remote worker based out of Amsterdam and run the project themselves. With an office in Amsterdam, g2 immediately started contacting Mobile Application (Xamarin) Developers in its network, whilst simultaneously looking for candidates in Brussels. With language skills being so important and the shortage of Dutch speaking Belgian candidates a problem, g2 ended up sourcing a Dutch native. By splitting his time between the office in Brussels and working from home in Amsterdam, this removed the A1 risk over a 12 month period. This also enabled Sibelga to have immediate control over what work was delivered and when, rather than wait for the Software House to complete work to fixed milestones. With the project on going and the developer delivering high quality work, g2 have fulfilled their role of providing top remote working talent for a project that could have caused Sibelga a real headache.



Access niche Talent from other countries
Ideal for specific language skills
Resolves A1 certificate limitations
Flexible solution to travel restriction