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A recruitment V's consultancy strategy played out with a multinational steel-making company.

The Recruitment Challenge

Conduct a 24 month discovery project, inspecting all site assets in order to plan what maintenance is: Must Do, Should Do, Could Do

Consultancy Option

Wood Group provide a report on all assets site with a variety of potential maintenance plans, in order variety of importance, but using their own resource of generic inspectors over 24 months. Team: 6-8 consultants Cost: £2.5m

The g2 Solution

Directly manage a team of Inspection Engineers (through a seconded PM) with relevant steel works experience and PSSR accreditation who would adhere to the same timescale and provide a report in accordance to TATA's record system.

Team: 4 counsultants Cost: £650k

The Result

TATA decided to go for the recruitment option through g2. 

Due to the considerable difference in cost, TATA could not see enough extra value in the Wood Group proposal. The ability to directly manage the consultants throughout and keep them accountable to their deliverables on a daily basis was also a major factor.

There are only a few inspectors with the correct experience of working on steel plants, so the likelihood of them for working for consultancy is very slim, meaning Wood Group would have had to hire contractors at a greater cost than g2.

The end result allowed TATA to select a team that provided a mixture of consultants that complemented each others skills, some of whom had previously worked together on long term contracts.

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