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Engineering Technician Jobs

Engineering technicians are technical problem solvers who often support engineers and are trained in a particular branch of engineering. Their responsibilities are normally supervisory or technical. An engineering technician’s typical duties might include helping to arrange and carry out experiments for a project or research, assisting with the collection of data and making calculations based on the results. Engineering technicians may be involved in designing, setting up, constructing or maintaining equipment or making engineering drawings. Their duties may also include commissioning and decommissioning.

Here at g2, we are extremely well equipped when it comes to placing engineering technicians. We have an inside-out knowledge of the sector and have nurtured strong relations with some of the strongest candidates working in this area. That is why we think g2 one of the best options out there when it comes to recruitment of engineering technicians. We have great tools at our disposal. We have an internal database of more than 500,000 candidates and our external resources mean we can reach over 10 million candidates across the world. This puts us in one of the best possible positions to quickly find you the best people for the job. We do not compromise on quality, however. All of our candidates are of a high standard and we ensure that they meet our client’s needs by making all candidates go through a rigorous process of interviews, reference checking and vetting.

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