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Harbour Master Jobs

The harbour master is responsible for the movement of commercial vessels, pollution and lives on a daily basis. It's a unique job, with a unique skill set, and it takes a special kind of recruitment company like g2 to find the best candidate for the job.

Harbour masters take overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of a port and it's vital to have the right person in charge. At g2 we make it our business to have inside knowledge of the industry, from the challenges facing commercial shipping through to maritime law, so we can identify the best candidates from our talent pool of more than 500,000 registered candidates. If they are not enough we have access to 10 million candidates around the world through a network of trusted partners. 

Here at g2 we vet all our candidates thoroughly. We interview them, check references and make sure that their experience matches up to the specific job. That means companies from small and medium enterprises through to global corporations have faith in us and bring us their most demanding jobs, often exclusively, because we find the right candidate for them each and every time. That means we don't just have the best client relationships, we have access to the best jobs.

We recruit for a variety of positions in the field, including:

Harbour Master
Deputy Harbour Master
Harbour Commissioner
Harbour Supervisor

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