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g2 Recruitment Attending World Hydrogen Summit 2022

World Hydrogen Summit 2022


We are excited to announce our visit to World Hydrogen summit 2022.


The event taking place at the Rotterdam Ahoy, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is a chance for all the pioneers within the hydrogen industry to come together explore the latest hydrogen technologies, applications and solutions that are revolutionising the industry today.


At g2 , we’ve been assisting clients and candidates find their perfectly-tailored recruitment solution for over 18 years. We understand the challenges that businesses face when trying to hire within the Hydrogen industry, and want to help you overcome those issues, efficiently, professionally, and to the highest possible standard.


Recruiting in the Hydrogen Industry


Like hiring personnel in every industry, recruitment in the hydrogen industry comes with challenges.


Here are the 5 most common problems that our clients face when recruiting within the Hydrogen industry, and how we help to overcome them.


1) Hiring in an Emerging Industry


Through 18 years of working within the energy sector, g2 has built a database of over 2 million candidates of the highest possible calibre. A considerable number of these prospects work exclusively with our agency, and the highly specialised and transferrable skills that are required to allow you to deliver your Syngas/ H2 projects with complete confidence.


2) Scarcity of Suitable Candidates


Our skilled consultants specialise in both an industry and an exact location. This means that whatever your projects needs are, wherever they are, there will be one consultant who has spent their career with us developing a network of the best candidates for your available positions, and knows all of the detailed intricacies of hiring for your business.


3) Not Enough Work for Permanent Hires


We understand that during the peaks and troughs of work it can be difficult to consistently maintain a high enough workload to justify a permanent team. Here at g2, we can provide fully-vetted freelancers who give you the flexibility to increase and decrease your headcount based on project cycles.


4) Relying on PSL/ MSP-Style Recruitment


Unlike other PSL/ MSP recruitment agencies, each consultant at g2 Recruitment works with a small number of clients at any one time so that we can provide a tailored service to your requirements. We can adapt our search to each of your varying needs, providing a more customised approach that is critical when sourcing the harder-to-find project-critical profiles.


5) Long Project Lead Times


We understand that with new energy projects, planning and funding delays are commonplace. This is where the superb relationships we build with our candidates over years of multiple placements really hold value. If you provide us with clear communication throughout, we are confident that when the time comes, our candidates will start working hitch-free.


Want to grab a coffee with one of our friendly consultants to discuss how we can help you achieve your hiring goals? send us an email at, or give us a call today on 0117 968 9000.


We’re looking forward to working with you.


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