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Bioelectronics: The medicine of the future?

Based on a no pills and no injections approach, bioelectronics uses a small implantable device that works with your nervous system in order to treat chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and arthritis.

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UK Shale Gas Debate: Opinion Divided Over Recent Decisions

Since the ban was lifted in 2012 on UK fracking activity the first fracking operation in England has been approved.

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How can wearable technology be made more attractive?

Are you already sporting a piece of wearable tech, or are you among those not yet convinced by the idea? 

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g2 Recruitment Client Satisfaction Survey Competition

We are running a customer satisfaction survey competition for our current and past clients. 

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g2 Recruitment Appoints UK Sales Director

g2 Recruitment Solutions is delighted to announce the promotion of Tim Pereira to UK Sales Director. 

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UK Construction Industry: Boom or Bust?

Will the UK construction industry be able to meet forecasted growth levels?

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The Boom of the Asia-Pacific Oil & Gas Industry

Over five years after the global economic crisis hit, the Asia-Pacific oil and gas industry is driving forward the recovery.

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Wales Needs 2,500 Engineers by 2020

Wales is facing a major shortage of engineers, according to the Royal Academy of Engineering. 

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Oil and Gas is Worth £35bn to the UK's Economy

The 35 billion pounds tells a story in itself - but what does it mean for the Oil and Gas job market?

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Happy Ten Year Anniversary g2 Recruitment

g2 celebrates ten successful years of recruitment and record financial figures in 2014. 

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Engineering... What does the future hold?

"The world is movning towards economic recovery, and engineers work throughout industries is cruicial to business revival all over the globe" 

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