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Bioelectronics: The medicine of the future?



Based on a no pills and no injections approach, bioelectronics uses a small implantable device that works with your nervous system in order to treat chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and arthritis.

The device is smaller than a grain of rice and is able to read and modify electrical signals that pass along nerves in your body, including irregular or altered impulses that occur in association with a broad range of diseases. The new technology is more precise than the electronics medical treatment of the past.

Historically much of the research undertaken on the subject was University research, current research being carried out by GSK has been compared to ‘learning a new language’; the language of the body. With the help of a range of scientific experts from disciplines such as neuroscience, informatics, physiology and engineering, GSK aim to develop a new bioelectronics community that will be able to advance this technology to a point where it can be used alongside current medicine and vaccinations. 

Source: The Telegraph