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IKEA has an ingenious plan to dominate the smart home market

IKEA has an ingenious plan to dominate the smart home market
2019 could be the best year yet for Ikea

IKEA’s perfectly positioned to own the smart home. Its new smart blinds could signal the start of a big 2019 for the retailer’s smart-home ambitions... if it seizes the opportunity

2019 is on headed to be the year that IKEA becomes a major smart-home contributor by playing to its strengths in stores, online and maximising tech partnerships with brands such as Apple and Xiaomi.

The latest product, a pair of €99 smart roller blinds that, cements the plan IKEA has followed in smart-home hardware so far. Like its existing TRÅDFRI range of smart light bulbs and smart outlets, KADRILJ and FYRTUR are low-cost, powered by near-invisible tech, offer manual and automated controls and work with all the three main ecosystems: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

As expected, IKEA is also highlighting that this is very much a DIY job that could be completed as buyers assemble the rest of their purchases. “It is as simple to install KADRILJ and FYRTUR as all our other blinds,” says Engman. “You can even change from an old HOPPVALS or SKOGSKLÖVER to this one, using the same bracket. This means that the customers can easily install the smart blinds themselves, a unique IKEA property.”

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