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Recruitment Challenges In Technology In The Netherlands

Technology Challenge

Recruitment in the Tech industry is a challenge.


The intelligence of a company lies in the hands of the people it hires. A company’s competitive edge is dependent on its recruitment strategy and whilst recruitment market is a competitive environment,
hiring managers need to know what they’re looking for and who has the skillsets needed to find a great candidate to fill a job role.


With the IOT Tech Expo & Big Data AI Expo in the RAI, Amsterdam, upcoming, which members of the g2 team will be attending,  here are some of the key issues our clients
face on a daily basis as well as how g2 can help overcome them:


1. Candidate shortage in the NL

With unemployment in the NL currently at 4.01% (EU average is 6.6%), specialized staff are difficult to find in any sector let alone a sector like Tech.



We’ve spent 10 years building up a database of NL based candidates meaning we can offer a network of candidates that work exclusively with g2. We also have licenses for specific job
boards and tools which can give you access to new candidates locally and across Europe

2. Growth of Big Tech

Companies like Google, Meta and Uber are hoovering up the talent with crazy salaries, and this has a huge impact on SMEs that have a critical need for the same candidates.


We can provide a humanized candidate journey instead of a clumsy, automated process. We'll explain your business purpose, and ensure it aligns with their core values. By providing
the best experience, we reduce the importance of salary.

3. Lack of Talent Pools

In 2022, 70% of the global workforce, according to LinkedIn, are passive candidates meaning they aren’t looking for a new job but would consider one if it were presented to them, so it isn’t enough to post jobs on your website/LinkedIn if you want to attract the best talent.


Our job as a recruitment agency is build talent pools for our clients. We know who the passive (and actively looking) candidates are for each of the sectors we work in and can work with you to help build specific talent pools for your business.

4. Lack of access to new candidates (or know how of where to find them)

So many companies rely on their immediate network or on the candidates that apply via their website or LinkedIn but your perfect candidate could be hiding on platforms you don’t even have access to.


We have access to market specific job boards, LinkedIn recruiter licenses and, thanks to our international footprint, talent from different locations. As our service is No Cure No Pay, by partnering with g2, you’re giving yourself access to these platforms with cost risk.

5. Finding good people quickly

Many clients find themselves in situation where they have an urgent project or deadline to meet but don’t have the resources internally to cope with the need urgently.


Our average turnaround time for sending CVs for vacancies is 24 hours so not only can we provide a quality workforce but we can act quickly. Some may see this as too quick, however, 60% of our candidates come from our specific talent pools meaning we’ve already spent time learning everything there is to know about the candidate before sending the CV.

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