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Our dedicated Tech recruitment team have the in-depth knowledge to understand the complexities of hiring a candidate within the technology sector, allowing us to quickly find you the developers or engineers you need.

This track record of success in Web Development, Embedded Software, and Cloud recruitment in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium has enabled us to be the number one choice for hiring contractors and permanent employees in the Technology sector.

The range of transferable skillsets across these sectors has seen us support everything from cost management, through to the design and final commissioning of projects in each industry, often with the same candidates.

Despite an ever-changing market and frequently difficult project locations, g2 has been able to support clients across each portfolio with speed and efficiency.

Why Technology Experts turn to g2

“g2 Recruitment have shown constant aptitude for providing the best candidates for key Engineering positions”

- Ovivo


Case Studies From Technology


Recruitment Challenges In Technology In The Netherlands

Recruitment in the Tech industry is a challenge.   The intelligence of a company lies in the hands of the people it hires. A company's competitive edge is dependent on its recruitment strategy and whilst recruitment market is a competitive environment, hiring managers need to know what they're looking for...

Recruitment Challenges in Embedded Software

Recruitment Challenges in Embedded Software Did you know that approximately 98% of all microprocessors manufactured today are used in embedded systems across the electronics industry? The need for embedded engineers has grown tremendously over the past 5 years, with embedded technology being required in a myriad of different industries, such...
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g2 Experience in the Technology Sector

IT was the first sector of focus for g2 and still contributes a substantial portion of the company’s turnover to this day. Over the years IT has advanced at a rapid pace, with the skills and job opportunities becoming more diverse and complex than ever before.


As a result we now class IT more broadly as Technology, with teams covering everything from traditional infrastructure and networking, right up to the cutting edge of Software Development in AI and Big Data. g2 has kept up with this constant evolution by ensuring each niche is supported by expert consultants and steadily increasing our presence in new technologies. Spanning the UK and Europe with Tech hubs in Bristol, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, g2 has an army of bi-lingual staff.


Walk into any g2 office and you will hear French, Dutch, German and English being spoken.Flexibility and customer focus have been pivotal in our growth.


Technology Powered Delivery

Our dedicated Technology teams have a huge array of tools at their disposal to find the permanent and contract workers you need to deliver your projects.

However, it is the work above and beyond this traditional job-board recruitment that separates g2 from our competitors. Our consultants attend industry events, carry out strategic headhunting and build exclusive candidate pools to help our clients beat their opposition to the limited available talent.


Working closely with our clients is key to tailoring a recruitment solution that results in successful placements, whatever language they speak.

“As our business expands further I look forward to continuing to work with g2 Recruitment as part of our Team”

Our Success

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