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As a business we have complied a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) for all of our Umbrella and Limited Company contractors. Each contractor in the UK must either be employed by an Umbrella company or have their own Limited Company they trade via. 

We have been through a vigorous audit and carried out an in-depth compliance and customer service review process to select the best suited Umbrella / Limited Company providers to partner with. You must select a company from the below list. We do not permit use of any other companies outside of our PSL. 

The company details, website and contact information can be found below: 


Communication Details

Web: www.giantgroup.com

Email: info@giantgroup.com

Telephone: 07843 452 940

Web: www.mangopay.co.uk

Email: sales@mangopay.co.uk

Telephone: 07751 205 396 / 0151 363 7333

Web: www.paystream.co.uk

Email: newbusiness@paystream.co.uk

Telephone: 07890 533 090

Web: www.orangegenie.com

Email: info@orangegenie.com

Telephone: 01296 468 483

Web: www.smartwork.com

Email: smartworksalesteam@smartwork.com

Telephone: 0117 311 9800  


If you have any queries please contact your dedicated recruitment consultant.