How New Functional Safety Requirements are Shifting Hiring Demand in the Automotive Industry – g2 Recruitment’s Perspective.   

Functional safety has become an evident must during a technology and engineering-driven period, supporting the evolution of products and systems throughout various subsectors. With a spotlight on the automotive industry, we discuss how this evolution is shifting recruitment demand throughout Europe.

With the aspiration of autonomous driving and SW-defined vehicles at the forefront of industry innovation, functional safety is the uncompromisable crutch that ensures these contemporary features are ready for real-life integration.

Functional safety ensures systems operate safely, consistently and reliably and is critical to applications where failure could result in harm being caused, especially within the automotive industry.

‘The automotive industry is hurtling towards a future dominated by autonomous driving technology. As we witness the rapid evolution of self-driving vehicles, the paramount concern is ensuring the safety of these advanced systems.’

 -Automotive IQ – Navigating SOTIF (ISO 21448) and Ensuring Safety in Autonomous Driving

Organisations must consider this to ensure their reputation is maintained as reputable and reliable, resulting in an influx of hiring and demand for functional safety experts. Sourcing these experts with the niche skill sets needed to uphold these modern regulations can generate challenges, and this is where g2 Recruitment holds true value for partnered organisations.


Professional insight 

With an extensive database filled with functional safety professionals, our technical experts have developed fantastic relationships, and from this are able to gain insight into trends that have impacted functional safety roles.

Having recently interviewed a FuSa engineer, we asked them:

What market influencers have impacted your role as a Lead Functional Safety Engineer?

‘The main influences and trends that have impacted my role have been the introduction of the Automotive Cybersecurity ISO 21434 in 2021 and exposure to other industries that require one-off manufacture of products to ISO 615O8. The rise in Autonomous driving is something that both industry and society/governments have all agreed is going to happen, so manufacturers are spending a lot of money and hedging their bets that investing heavily now will allow them to be first to bring products to market that are safe.’ 

– Lead Functional Safety Engineer

This understanding of influencers within the automotive industry, sourced directly from prime candidates, enables us to identify employers’ needs and, in turn, gives us an upper hand during our resourcing process.


The Future of Automotive Functional Safety 

The rapid growth of the Functional Safety market runs parallel with the innovation of the automotive industry. Key players in this field are keeping up with market trends and making huge investments when ensuring strict government regulations and industry standards are adhered to ensure mistake are avoided.

‘Key market players like Siemens, Honeywell, and ABB are continually innovating and developing advanced safety solutions that leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time monitoring to enhance safety measures.’

Functional Safety Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2024-2030) 

With time and cost saving being a key driver for organisations, the need to source professionals with these essential skills is at an all-time high. Functional safety is continuously reforming and is moulded by balancing the automotive sector’s goal for vision zero and the integration of new technology however, companies as big as Tesla have even faced hurdles when complying with safety standards and transitioning new technologies into everyday society.

Even in the US, autonomous cars face challenges and further regulatory hurdles. Tesla’s autopilot allows drivers to hand control to the vehicle’s AI, but it still needs constant human oversight. Despite this precaution, misuse of the technology has been fatal.’

-Mitchell Labiak – Business reporter, BBC news

A more creative stance needs to be adopted by Functional Safety Engineers to ensure they evolve novel Hardware and Software functionalities and develop solutions that apply safety concepts.


How this will affect recruitment demand

 The movement of safety requirements in the Automotive sector has led to a shortage of experienced professionals. Candidates are tasked with having the various skill sets needed to keep up with adaptions to safety protocols.

‘In the Functional safety market in the automotive sector, the integration of new sensor technologies and autonomous features demands constant adaptations to safety protocols. In industries where different equipment and systems need to work together seamlessly, ensuring the interoperability of functional safety systems can be a challenge.’ 

 -Functional Safety Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2024-2030)

Advancements in technology throughout the Automotive industry opens new challenges for functional safety experts. Professionals now need to be well versed in new regulations and software, meaning upskilling/ reskilling is a must when keeping up with demand formulated from projects driven by market leaders.

When implementing all the above into hiring strategies, g2 Recruitment have discovered a strategy that works – utilising our extensive database of top-tier candidates to source and identify specialised talent, accompanied by an in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements and the market disruptors that direct project requirements.

g2 Recruitment provide specialist consultant to help with the above, visit our Engineering page for more detail.

L&D Team

We are very lucky that g2 recruitment see Learning and Development as a vital part of a consultants journey which is why we have 4 people in the team who you will work very closely with from day 1 in your career. The team are on hand to guide you through your career at all levels and provide extra support working closely with the management team to give all consultants the best chance of success.  

Our Three Pillars of Training

Week 1 is a series of remote sessions to learn all things systems, followed by a 1 week academy process which is a mixture of classroom and deskside this will be in one of our UK offices and usually consists of 3-8 other consultants all starting their journey together.

Experienced Modules:
These are a variety of sessions curated by us designed to support consultants as they are progressing through the career ladder, the aim is to ensure consultants at all levels have access to L&D.

Junior Management Programme:
Ran by our head of L&D this programme is designed to support junior managers as they start their management career. This involves things like personal branding, time management and ends in a business plan which is presented to members of the Exec board and senior management team.

Jaz D’Avola
Head of Learning & Development

Jaz joined g2 Recruitment in 2013.

She now leads our Learning and Development programme, transferring the knowledge and wisdom she learnt as a recruiter to the new generation of talent.

Imani WIlliams
Learning and Development Consultant

Imani joined g2 Recruitment in 2022.

His role involves developing individuals in all areas of the business, varying from inducting and onboarding consultants to working with them 1 to 1 to identify areas of development.  He aids with growth of L&D across the business, watching consultants experience and develop.

Meghan Mcloughlin
Learning and Development Consultant

Meghan joined g2 in 2023 as an L&D consultant, Working in recruitment for 6 years, her role is to  help consultants at all levels to upskill and focus on development points. This could be anything from sales calls or candidate calls to organisation improvements.

Kane Gray
Systems & Academy Trainer

Kane joined g2 in April 2023 as an Academy & Systems Trainer.

His role involves teaching the consultants that are new to the company the foundations of recruitment and our systems before then helping them to upskill in areas specific to each consultant. Working closely with different consultants and watching them implement the feedback, apply it, and then benefit off the back of it.


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