Are Cover Letters Still Relevant in 2023?

Hiring processes require a fast, efficient approach. Innovative recruiters understand the need for speed when sourcing eligible candidates for their clients and are now using tangible data and facts to pinpoint recruits. Spearheaded by analytical technology and data, recruitment is undergoing changes and is abandoning outdated hiring techniques and requirements.

So, do cover letters still have a part to play in this?

Cover letters have always been a daunting, time-consuming part of the application process. Many candidates spend hours constructing an in-depth monologue of self-promotion, attempting to sell themselves to hiring managers and ‘stand out from the crowd’. Truthfully, the hours spent composing these letters could be considered unnecessary, maybe even wasteful; time may be better spent developing a concise and informative C.V.

As quoted by HubSpot, ‘With over 250 applicants, on average, applying for a single job posting, cover letters no longer align with the pace and scale of the current hiring market’. HubSpot, January 2023

Data-driven hiring techniques are leading the way

 Data-driven recruitment tactics are a by-product of the fast-paced hiring market and have been implemented into modern hiring strategies. These tactics include using advanced CRM systems to handle data efficiently, segmenting C. Vs by location, industry, and skill sets, allowing recruiters to make more objective hiring decisions.

As a vast quantity of applicants are processed through CRM systems or uploaded onto client portals, a cover letter is more than likely to fall through the net and not be acknowledge as much as a well structed C.V.

‘Jobvite’s annual Talent Acquisition Report revealed that 60% of recruiters found cover letters to be the least important factor in deciding if candidates were a good fit for their company. And, anecdotally, the same percentage reported not reading them at all.’ – HubSpot, January 2023

The recruiter’s perspective

There is always a fear of ‘selling yourself short’ by not including a cover letter of such in your initial application. A solution to this is creating a concise, short bio, with the help of a recruiter, to show your interest in the role and understanding of the client’s requirements. This bio should include an understanding of the company’s business model and values and explain how you are positioned to add real value to their organisation. A recruiter will grasp first-hand how to communicate this and provide invaluable insight.

“Recruiters should aim to be market experts, with a deep understanding of a client’s requirements. A short bio should be created by the recruiter confirming how a potential candidate matches their requirements, both on a personal and professional basis”   – Otis French-Sanders, Sales Manager, g2 Recruitment

An effective recruiter will understand their client’s requirements and therefore be able to advise best when a cover letter is needed if it is required at all.

Cover letters haven’t quite yet expired

Sometimes, cover letters cannot be avoided. Especially at specific points in the hiring process. When a client is torn between candidates, they may request a cover letter to further explain certain factors of a C.V. When this is required, collaborate with a recruiter to understand what is needed from the cover letter and how it can help fill in gaps, seal the deal and secure the desired role.

In short, though recent times indicate the inevitable end to the tedious task of writing a cover letter, for now, they may not be so easily avoided. Best practice would be to ensure you have a template readily available for circumstances where they may be needed. Communication with a recruitment specialist is also key to securing that desired role. As stated above, they understand the process, ensuring time is allocated efficiently and effectively.

G2 Recruitment provide specialist consultants to help with the above, contact us today for more information.

L&D Team

We are very lucky that g2 recruitment see Learning and Development as a vital part of a consultants journey which is why we have 4 people in the team who you will work very closely with from day 1 in your career. The team are on hand to guide you through your career at all levels and provide extra support working closely with the management team to give all consultants the best chance of success.  

Our Three Pillars of Training

Week 1 is a series of remote sessions to learn all things systems, followed by a 1 week academy process which is a mixture of classroom and deskside this will be in one of our UK offices and usually consists of 3-8 other consultants all starting their journey together.

Experienced Modules:
These are a variety of sessions curated by us designed to support consultants as they are progressing through the career ladder, the aim is to ensure consultants at all levels have access to L&D.

Junior Management Programme:
Ran by our head of L&D this programme is designed to support junior managers as they start their management career. This involves things like personal branding, time management and ends in a business plan which is presented to members of the Exec board and senior management team.

Jaz D’Avola
Head of Learning & Development

Jaz joined g2 Recruitment in 2013.

She now leads our Learning and Development programme, transferring the knowledge and wisdom she learnt as a recruiter to the new generation of talent.

Imani WIlliams
Learning and Development Consultant

Imani joined g2 Recruitment in 2022.

His role involves developing individuals in all areas of the business, varying from inducting and onboarding consultants to working with them 1 to 1 to identify areas of development.  He aids with growth of L&D across the business, watching consultants experience and develop.

Meghan Mcloughlin
Learning and Development Consultant

Meghan joined g2 in 2023 as an L&D consultant, Working in recruitment for 6 years, her role is to  help consultants at all levels to upskill and focus on development points. This could be anything from sales calls or candidate calls to organisation improvements.

Kane Gray
Systems & Academy Trainer

Kane joined g2 in April 2023 as an Academy & Systems Trainer.

His role involves teaching the consultants that are new to the company the foundations of recruitment and our systems before then helping them to upskill in areas specific to each consultant. Working closely with different consultants and watching them implement the feedback, apply it, and then benefit off the back of it.


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